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Are you a migrant worker in Best? We’re here for you!

Living abroad can be quite a big transition. As a migrant worker, you find yourself in a new environment, perhaps full of questions or facing struggles – whether at work or at home. We want to let you know that the social organizations in Best are aware of this. If you’re in need of certain help or advice, they’re there for you!

Rechtswinkel Best is one of said organizations. We provide free legal assistance to everyone in Best and its surrounding area. Every week, on Saturday from 10.30 until 12.00 hrs, we host a walk-in session for all your legal questions. This session takes place in community centre ‘De Kadans’, Sint-Jozefstraat 1, 5684 TS, Best. You can walk in without an appointment!

During the intake, a team of two or three legal advisors will listen to your story and you can ask all your questions about your rights and obligations. This conversation takes place in a consulting room, where you can tell your story in peace. It is important that you have a clear idea of ​​what you want to seek advice about. Make sure you bring all relevant documents regarding your question.

The language of the conversation will most likely be English, but often we can arrange a conversation in Polish as well!

Legal questions we regularly deal with include:

  • Labour law (employment contracts);
  • Rental contracts and housing rights;
  • Social security benefits;
  • And much more.

Are you in need of non-legal help, e.g. in the field of well-being, housing, (mental) health, (work) relationships, children and upbringing, nuisance, or meaningful daily activities? Social organisation LEVBest is willing to help! Do you speak Polish? Click here for more information. Do you speak Romanian? Click here.

Infopunt LEVBest
Open: from Monday until Friday, 08.30 until 12.30 hrs
Adress: Bestwijzer, Zonnewende 173, 5683 AB  Best
Phone: 0499 – 77 01 10